I have no idea how you’ve come upon this site. Perhaps you know me, perhaps your Google-fu has betrayed you or perhaps you’re just looking for one of those dead ends of the Internet.

My name is Shelly Tumbleson. Originally from Texas, i left Austin in 2002 to move to Portland, Oregon. I spent the better part of 12 years there until my life fundamentally, and violently changed. Through a series of events, I have found myself in the hinterlands between Bellingham and Ferndale, Washington. That should significantly narrow which Shelly Tumbleson you have stumbled upon.

I am inextricably and eternally in love with horizons and as much as I love it here, would consider moving to BC, AB, SK or even MB for the right woman.

Other things to know about me- i have a background in the fine arts and still paint, although not as much as i want or need to. If you’re looking for someone to narrate a project of yours- a documentary, a phone tree, a movie or a book, i have an exceptionally good bass voice.


  1. Domain Question 🙂
    Hi there, my friends and I have an art collective by the name of “Synaesthetic” and I was wondering if you’d be interested in selling this domain whenever it comes around time to renew. If not that’s totally understandable.

    Thanks for your time!

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