• green winter

    My friends Carolyn and Daniel visited me in October of last year. We were about 2 weeks from the peak of autumn and color changes were happening so fast that you could see the difference from day to day. We were able to see the Columbia Gorge as well as Silver Falls. At some point… Read more

  • the distance of grey

    It’s been a terrible winter. In fact, the only winter days we’ve had were before 21 December (that’s the first day of winter for those who don’t know). Yesterday was as unremarkable as any other day of late. High 40’s, low 50’s with a non descript grey sheet stretching from horizon to horizon. But something… Read more

  • I’m in the locker room at my gym a couple of days ago and the pundit on the Stupid Box has cranked his Righteousometer to 11. “Tiger needs to apologize!”, “Tiger should stop playing for 6 months and get his life together”, “Tiger will lose his endorsements and his career is possibly over.” These are… Read more

  • frozen moment

    Last Sunday i was in Olympia. There’s a pond/ small lake near where Adelle lives. In months past, we’ve gone there to see several species of duck vying for the chunks of bread that we toss to them as well as lazy fat newts bobbing near the surface, chowing down on crumbs too small for… Read more

  • modern educators

    I’m sitting in on a meeting of educators this morning as they discuss engaging the seniors at our school in the seminar they have to present before they can graduate. One of them mentions a reality that resonated with me, “…and we have to watch to see that they don’t become frustrated and shut down.”… Read more

  • Until recently i had believed that Austin’s favorite cocaine fueled paranoid sociopath*, Alex Jones, had given up on living on the backs of the weak minded, ignorant and racist flock that followed him. This is mostly due to the fact i live half a continent away from Austin. As it turns out, i was wrong- in… Read more

  • be proud, white pride

    A few days ago i posted this image of a group of white people at a house, showing off their Confederate flag (what i’ve heard some call The Traitor’s Flag) with signs in their yard that read [sic], “I’m a mavrik” and [sic] “socialest”. The former, presumably being a reference to the bold souls that… Read more

  • In years past, i didn’t use synaesthetic as a place to vent only my political views. But since i’ve started from scratch a few weeks ago, it seems that my focus has been more on politics and social commentary instead of introspection, as it was for most of the time. I did not always have… Read more

  • the fifteen year nap

    In the early to mid nineties something profoundly bad happened to me. The worst aspect of it was that i was never there to see it and it’s effect on me was so gradual that it was undetectable. I started snoring loudly in the early to mid 90’s. I worked at a semiconductor company at… Read more

  • Even halfway across the continent, Texans continue to embarrass me. It was bad enough when the anti intellectual, drug addled, jingoistic, nationalist and revisionist George Bush claimed that Texas was his home [in fact, the Bush family is from Connecticut and has ties to – i’m sorry to say – Maine]. Now Governor Rick Perry… Read more