jarheadian jones escapades, part deux

Until recently i had believed that Austin’s favorite cocaine fueled paranoid sociopath*, Alex Jones, had given up on living on the backs of the weak minded, ignorant and racist flock that followed him. This is mostly due to the fact i live half a continent away from Austin. As it turns out, i was wrong- in fact, Jarhead Jones is still around and apparently richer than ever from his crockumentaries and his fleecing his flock of their money.

Well, when i nuked the site a few months ago, i decided that i wasn’t going to repost my pages devoted to the epic known as the Jarheadian Escapades. Yeah, it was the most popular part of my site but that was kind of the problem- discussing Jarhead Jones in any way, shape or form is acknowledging him and acknowledging him is a drain on all that’s good and decent in the universe. Besides, i thought he had moved on.

But he hasn’t. Being the sociopathic tumor of the snake handling, gun/death worshiping, Tim McVeigh white nationalists that he preys on has apparently made him relatively wealthy.

I was asked to repost the information i had posted on synaesthetic.com for many years. After deliberating the pro’s and con’s, i’ve decided i will. It won’t be tonight, it might not be next week, but it will be reposted in relatively short order.

*in fact, i do not know if Alex Jones is fueled by cocaine. His behavior may, in fact, be natural for him. The former would explain a lot. The latter would justify my pity.


  1. I have read through much of your complaints about Alex Jones. I feel that they may be well placed. I don’t particularly care for his reverse psychological propaganda (“Media is propaganda so listen to my ‘truth’ about the world”).
    Regardless, some subjects that he does bring up are valid.

    Having read many novels in the nature of 1984 or Brave New World, I saw these parallels long before I heard of Alex Jones. The US Govt. is getting more control than what our constitution says should be theirs. And while some people call that coincidence, I personally feel that the occurrences, in which create situations for the Govt. to get power, routinely take place at the most convenient times (almost scheduled). This ‘power’ I am referring to is of the same nature as The Patriot Act, which blatantly takes away the rights of the public. An act like that is just a overt misuse of power, let alone what is in fact done behind the curtain in our Govt. (not to say I know, merely speculation)

    That being said, I do feel that much of what Alex says is just irrational fear mongering for the other side of the coin. His latest rants have been targeting things such as control over the number of children which can be born. I personally feel that population control of that kind does promote environmental ideals in society that can perpetuate a more sustainable civilization. So to call that an act of the “New World Order” seems somewhat illogical, unless the NWO is not as bad as he says it is (haha).

    My point really stands that while he is nearly the worst source of this kind of information, he is at least fighting what looks to be a darker future for our world, whatever his reasons might be.

    As a side note. I am a well educated individual albeit white (so I do not perfectly fit your stereotype). I voted for Obama, but I am so far regretting the decision as he has done little to bring transparency to our government.. Instead created a larger government by creating universal health care (not to say we didn’t need a health care reform). I hope that he will be the man who will bring change to our world and not a puppet as so many people are calling him now.

  2. Cosine,

    Thanks for the note. I honestly can’t say Jones interests me much anymore. He’s the screaming crybaby that constantly needs attention and he ALWAYS needs attention. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad attention, he just needs it. And facts? What’s a fact when you can start with a good conclusion then prop it with fear, ignorance and paranoia? His schtick was old when i was in Austin, now it’s just sad, pathetic AND old.

    I do agree with your frustrations with Obama. I reflect those and feel that my optimism and hope for progress was shortchanged. Nonetheless, i will continue to write my congressfolk and demand justice, equal rights to due process/ equal access (esp. in the arena of marriage) and that sociopathic corporations are eventually held to account for their version of predatory capitalism.

  3. Thanks for not letting this important part of Alexander Jones history die off even though it does seem fruitless.
    I would like to make one tiny correction to your statement that certain types made Alex Rich. In fact, while his daddy is a very wealthy man even for being a dentist and living a typical upper middle class lifestyle (at least to the outside eye) that’s only part of the story. Yes he has made LOT$ of $money$ off of his sheeple but that isn’t what made him rich, he was in fact “rich” while in the womb. His Family OWNS Oil Property, many work in the Oil Industry at many levels. He has been hawking GOLD and having guests n his show that extol the virtues of BUY GOLD since the start. Could it be cause his daddies buddy and family friend owns MIDAS which you can see constantly hawked from his websites and any other media. Strangely Midas’s owner is the same people who own the Media Outlets that supported Alex when he was just a young inexperienced loudmouth.. You see, Alex IS an Elitist who IS in with Big Media and BANKERS. His family is involved in almost everything he spreads ridiculous conspiracy info about. You see, he makes those who have legitimate concerns look like nuts by tagging them. Look what he’s done for the 9/11 “conspiracy”. Now if you pose legitimate questions like ask what Sandy Berger was trying to cover up why he shoved all of those Top Secret Documents up his ass or why the investigation didn’t go back into obvious connections that happened under the Clitman Administration or the first twin towers attack or the fact that the architect that built it worked with Osama in Saudi and modeled the complex after the Grand Mosque Complex and was warned from the start that the building would not be allowed to stand because it was considered blasphemous etc you are suddenly a TROOFER wingnut.
    Alex IS Illuminati, his Family were the ones who raised Aleister (Alex) Crowley’s son and the ones who brought Crowley into the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.
    Of course like many others Alex is just a tool being implemented by his handlers but he is also blood. Look at who was with Diana when she died and is strangely still alive. Alex loves to rant on the Queen and Royal Family but it’s likely because he knows he carries the same blood but is jealous because his ancestors got pushed to the side some years ago.
    I could go on but why, no one listens because they want to believe what Alex is spewing so anyone who tells the truth is sidelined. When those wake up to reality like most of his y2k era sheeple there’ll be another group of zombies ignorant of the world & devoid of facts that’ll goose step to their Fuhrer Alex Jones ready to throw all nonbelievers into the ovens.

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