coming soon to soonish

I think i’m writing this more for myself than for anyone that might read it. My enthusiasm for writing on synaesthetic has waned in the last few years. I honestly can’t give a single answer as to why. Part of it is after being treated for my sleep apnea, i’ve become a different person. Part of it is i’ve allowed myself to get drawn in and distracted by gaming. Another aspect is that sometimes i don’t know what to say anymore.

I’m trying to make some changes in my life. Living up here it’s easy to get drawn into the winter. For a while, it’s dark by 4.30, sunrise near 8. It’s bright when i go to work now, the cherry trees are in full bloom, life is starting to spread again and it’s easier to shake off the winter blah’s. I’m determined to paint more, read more and game less.

But i do love gaming. The Team Fortress 2 server i’ve spent hours upon hours on is a blast. Adelle and me spent hours on WoW last autumn and i love it when Shelly and me can play Battlefield 2, 2142 or more recently, Bad Company 2. And to that end, i can take some consolation in that the best gaming i’ve done has been because i was having fun socializing at the same time.

It’s been a year since i updated the front page. It’s time to start taking care of synaesthetic again. My coding skills are rusty and i’m constantly having to relearn most of my CSS, but like the unfolding spring outside, i’m determined to make synaesthetic flourish again. A little here, a little there… and maybe, if i’m lucky, will be the unwieldy, inconsistent and unmanageable turd it was before i wiped it all out and started over. Sigh…