be proud, white pride

I'm a mavrik !
I'm a mavrik ! How about you?

A few days ago i posted this image of a group of white people at a house, showing off their Confederate flag (what i’ve heard some call The Traitor’s Flag) with signs in their yard that read [sic], “I’m a mavrik” and [sic] “socialest”. The former, presumably being a reference to the bold souls that wrote this sign and the latter being a reference to President Obama. And while it’s possible they’re maverick’s in illiteracy, chances are these are just a group of ignorant, angry and possibly inbred twats.

So there was a comment that i tried responding to, a comment that made observations about the Black Panthers and la Raza. Unfortunately, FB limits responses to just a few lines. My comments, below, were originally designed to be a response to one person, hence the use of the 2nd person.

It would be erroneous to think that the Black Panthers were created in a vacuum. Think of the history of the time- from the Dred Scott decision to slavery to the brutal repression by white cops and politicians in the south, economic disenfranchisement (i.e.: the WATTS riots), a lack of education opportunities and to top it off and a disproportionate number of black men in jails. As for la Raza, it’s a general term that means “the race”. If you’re referring to the National Council of La Raza, this is a civil rights group whose focus is on poverty and social issues.

It’s important to note that the Black Panthers has not been in existence for about… oh, 33 to 35 years.

But let me think of some other groups of “color” whose affiliation is white. The Ku Klux Klan, The Aryian Nation, Westboro Baptist Church (admittedly, not a white church, per se, but bent on white nationalist values) and oh… 926 known hate groups in the United States ( I wonder what the ethnic breakdown is for these groups? Hmmm… Well, looking at the Texas groups alone, i’m pretty sure the Confederate flag is held in high esteem.

And just to be clear, my comments weren’t to ridicule any one ethnic group. However, ridiculing virulent, ignorant and potentially violent assholes is always good, always fair and decency demands no less. Being stupid, deliberately ignorant and sporting a flag of a country that betrayed the United States is fertile ground for mockery. The illiteracy of these inbred, anti-intellectual idiots is something that needs to be shown to the world and if they happen to scurry back into the darkness of ignorance, sanctimonious, yet false rage based on┬áthe comfort that their stupidity brings, then let them suffer derision or let them consider the reasons that they’re laughing stock and perhaps try to grow a little bit.