green winter

My friends Carolyn and Daniel visited me in October of last year. We were about 2 weeks from the peak of autumn and color changes were happening so fast that you could see the difference from day to day. We were able to see the Columbia Gorge as well as Silver Falls. At some point i turned to Carolyn and said, “Believe it or not, it’s even greener in Olympia.” She looked at me like i was having a tin foil hat moment and that my noodle was all full of crazy sauce. Possibly trying to placate me or simply unable to conceive that it could possibly get ANY greener than it was in Oregon, she just very nicely said, “Ooookaaaay.”

Well, here’s the proof. This is the backyard of where my girlfriend lives. It’s the Olympia area and gets more rain than most of the area by virtue of the Olympic mountains.

Sorry about having my ugly mug in the middle of such pristine beauty. I SWORE i had some pix w/o me in em, but they were all focused on mushrooms and not on the trees.