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  • zealot

    As a 57 year old, never married single guy, there are times that i’d prefer to not be single. I’ve grown exceptionally comfortable with being alone and it’s probably stunted my growth to a degree. Not that being involved with someone guarantees some sort of personal growth but having to build and maintain a friendship/… Read more

  • Two scoops of crazy!

    Early last month i had a fairly good match (percentage wise) with a woman on OK Cupid. We bounced a couple of mails back and forth then i gave her one of my gmail accounts. We had another couple of mails that way then decided to have a video chat. I’ve been on a lot… Read more

  • The Emerald Blanket

    Winter finally passed. It wasn’t nearly as dramatic as it was in the years past. This was a relatively warm one with little snow or ice and the rains seemed to taper off earlier than usual. As I write this, we had our first significant rains in a month or more. The junipers outside my… Read more

  • twenty years later.

    I’m not sure where this post is going to go. I suspect it’s one that i’ll come back to at some point and modify or perhaps eventually forget. I had a dream two nights ago. It involved perhaps the three most important girlfriends that i’ve had in my life- Betina, Michelle and Heather (now known… Read more

  • I went to the Oregon City library today so that I could focus on getting some things done without interruption. I’m on my laptop and quietly minding my business when this golf pencil came flying near me and landed near the woman sitting across from me. Whoever did it did was on the public computers… Read more

  • message

    PREFACE: This note is no longer offered to the person it was intended for. The string of notes she sent me in July revealed the content of her character and, ironically, was the last push i needed to realize that i’d rather be a man that dated and loved women than to have her in… Read more

  • I’m sitting in the sauna in my gym. I can feel my heart rate is sustained at about 155 bpm and quite possibly higher. I am listening to the third movement of Low– a symphony originally composed by David Bowie and Brian Eno. This version is rendered by Philip Glass and is one of the… Read more

  • Over the years i’ve had a few paintings that use “Saskatchewan” in the title and as of a few days ago, i finally completed and have posted a triptych that i have made titled, “Nothing Ever Happens in Saskatchewan”. So of course, this has prompted even MOAR people to ask me why i am so… Read more

  • Title: the last time i waited for her Media: pencil, watercolor [audio:9_may_2011.mp3] I don’t like to talk about subject matter in terms of interpretation. Composition, color and the role that light and shadows play is fair game but i believe there’s a huge disservice done to the arts when the artist begins deconstructing their work… Read more

  • As i write this, Borders [BGP, currently delisted], is closing about 33% of their stores. During the last holiday season, their sales were dismal whereas Barnes and Noble posted healthy profits. This is so depressingly wrong. Let’s play that game that i like to play so much: compare and contrast. I don’t make much money.… Read more