am i some sort of magnet for crazy?

I went to the Oregon City library today so that I could focus on getting some things done without interruption. I’m on my laptop and quietly minding my business when this golf pencil came flying near me and landed near the woman sitting across from me. Whoever did it did was on the public computers and immediately turned around. The woman that it landed near thought i did it.

Ten minutes later, this guy that seemed a bit off turns around and begins to threaten me. He’s deeply concerned that i might be listening to music on my earbuds (i was) and that i’m using a Hewlitt Packard laptop. He asks me things like, “Do you even know what you’re dealing with here?” I answered, “Yes. A schizophrenic, sport.” He didn’t like my suggestion that he go get some tin foil for his head nor did he appreciate being my “sport”.

So i called him “princess,” instead. We never got around to discussing if he preferred that instead.

After a bit more verbal abuse, he gets up to walk out and says to me, “You watch that Hewlitt Packard. I’ll turn that in!” Seriously- that’s verbatim.

I’ve had too many insane and broken people in my life. Am i some sort of magnet for broken and crazy folk? Oh well, the librarian came over and took a statement from me and she was very freckly and incredibly cute. So between that and actually getting some stuff done, it was a good trip to the library.