Saskatchewan, Alberta & BC- seas of barley and the sheltering sky.

Over the years i’ve had a few paintings that use “Saskatchewan” in the title and as of a few days ago, i finally completed and have posted a triptych that i have made titled, “Nothing Ever Happens in Saskatchewan”.

So of course, this has prompted even MOAR people to ask me why i am so preoccupied with Saskatchewan and Alberta.

This is one reason why.

And this is another.

We all have dreams. One of mine is to spend a few weeks driving the plains of Alberta and Saskatchewan and exploring British Columbia.


Note: i made a couple or more mistakes in this narration. Some are technical as i’m still trying to learn how to use Audacity but i mention Edmonton as the place where SCTV began. This is incorrect. The television production of SCTV began in Toronto, i believe and was moved to Edmonton after the first or second season (if memory serves me right).

Music credits to be posted tomorrow.