The Emerald Blanket

Winter finally passed.

It wasn’t nearly as dramatic as it was in the years past. This was a relatively warm one with little snow or ice and the rains seemed to taper off earlier than usual. As I write this, we had our first significant rains in a month or more. The junipers outside my window are half bathed in the orange light of a sun nearly resting on the horizon, a cool breeze is floating into my room and i’m listening to Steve Reich’s Music for Eighteen Musicians. This piece… i don’t think i’ve listened to it since the last time i wrote in my journal. I cannot express the absolute beauty, the sheer ecstasy of it.

I renewed my Discover Pass a few days ago. I went back to Rockport State Park. It wasn’t nearly as splendid as it was my first time- not because this was my 2nd trip but because with the lack of rain and the time of year, there weren’t nearly as many fungi and mushrooms about.

My next trip is going to be to Mt. Sauk.

I don’t know that i really have a purpose to write tonight. I think i just wanted to say hello and maybe in a moment of quiet reflection, remind myself just how much beauty there is in this world when I take the time to see it.

I’m out of time again. I’ll finish this another evening.