the last time i waited for her

Title: the last time i waited for her
Media: pencil, watercolor


I don’t like to talk about subject matter in terms of interpretation. Composition, color and the role that light and shadows play is fair game but i believe there’s a huge disservice done to the arts when the artist begins deconstructing their work in literal, narrative terms.

Having said that, it’s impossible for me to escape the experiences that nibble the surface of my mind when i paint. Given that art, be it musical, performing or visual, is, at its core essence, self expression for the sake of self expression contained within time and/or space, it’s impossible to remove ones experiences and the interpretation of those experiences from a composition [Oh Lord, i hope i never have to diagram that sentence].

I had an idea of doing a monochromatic painting for a while. To produce my gray, i mixed ultramarine blue with some yellow ochre. Ultramarine blue is a very granular paint. I was surprised at how volatile it was on the paper but very pleased at the end result. About half way through, i began to become aware of the tone the composition was beginning to take-a ┬álonging… a friend that no longer was. It wasn’t rooted in a specific memory but it was bound to a specific experience. My paintings often are, whether i want to admit it or not [and i usually don’t].

And the title came to me: the last time i waited for her

So, this time i’m actually giving an insight as to where *I* came from in creating this composition. But please, don’t let me do you a disservice; find your own place in it. If it evokes something beyond and brighter than the place it came from, so much the better. If you find yourself relating and feel a faded thought worrying the edges of your memories, then perhaps you’ll see your next cup of coffee or listen to the rain or to the sound of cars driving on water slick roads with a bit more reflection.