December 2012

  • silver age comics nostalgia

    I drove to Olympia, Washington a few nights ago to pick up about two thousand comic books for a friend of mine. She lives in Texas and her dad died earlier this year. He left his stash of comic books for her in his will. I drove up there, picked them up and brought them… Read more

  • A few days ago i wrote about how i was finally able to run… um, LUMBER like some obtuse, pasty marshmallow fuck for thirty fucking minutes on a treadmill. No, it wasn’t pretty but i did it, i did it, I DID IT ! On Thursday night/ Friday morning, my lungs decided to fuck me… Read more

  • that is debatable

    I recently found myself at Frys in Wilsonville. One theory is that bachelors have to go to Frys every few days or weeks, at most, to recharge their status as bachelors and that anyone that wants to maintain their geek credentials, boy or girl, are subject to the same irresistible draw (and the hollow promise… Read more

  • thirty minutes- finally!

    For the last several weeks, i’ve been spending more and more time in the gym. Some days i do some weights but most of the times that i go, it’s so that i can work on my cardio. I’ll start by doing some planks. I’m up to one minute for at least two of those… Read more