November 2012

  • I’m sitting in the sauna in my gym. I can feel my heart rate is sustained at about 155 bpm and quite possibly higher. I am listening to the third movement of Low– a symphony originally composed by David Bowie and Brian Eno. This version is rendered by Philip Glass and is one of the… Read more

  • on gay marriage

    A few minutes ago, OKCupid had a question about how i feel about “Gay Marriage.” I find the phrase repulsive. It’s marriage- period. Marriage is a legally binding contract that describes, among other things, rights of shared ownership and property. It is not a license/ contract that is contingent on mutual love, it is not… Read more

  • today is difficult

    Today is Thanksgiving. Today is difficult. I was so sure that i’d finally found someone that wanted to go the distance; to spend their life with me. She was someone that i was so sure i’d be with to watch her hair turn to silver, whose kiss i would receive every night, whose smile would… Read more

  • aftermath | longing

    I have lost my best friend. It’s the one phrase that echos through my day and evenings. It is the endless chorus whose words i understand but whose meaning i do not. I keep expecting to see windows pop up in my gmail. “Good morning, love,” “hi sweetie” or me asking how she slept- which… Read more

  • As most of you now know, Adelle and i are no longer together. The aftermath has been difficult but sobering. My friends have helped me gain perspective— a perspective that i was missing because: It was Adelle who was my closest friend, lover and someone that just a few weeks ago, said she wanted to… Read more

  • Dear all, As some of you know and many of you do not, there have been some violent changes in my life. I am taking advantage of this time to make some of my own, internal changes, too. I’m going to make some announcements about another life that i’ve kept mostly secret for some time.… Read more