April 2012

  • carla klein

    A few years ago, using my Stumble Upon toolbar, i came across the website for Carla Klein. I was immediately struck by her imagery. See, i have an ongoing obsession with horizons and skies. Horizons are an interesting thing. They are boundaries that exist within our perception and nowhere else. They provide a dramatic stage… Read more

  • huffington post post

    I have a continual problem with what gets posted on the comments section of the Huffington Post and what doesn’t. As is standard with the Huffington Post, when a comment is censored, no reason is given nor is there any notification as to why. There are times when comments may not appear for hours. Again,… Read more

  • Last Friday i had an interview in Seattle (yes, Friday the 13th). I think i did reasonably well but in any interview setting, there are always two factors that will work against me. The first is, it’s an interview. No matter how confident i am in myself and my abilities, there’s a part of me… Read more