on confidence

I spent this last weekend with a group of people with whom i have a shared set of values with. They are from all walks of life, income brackets and appearances. As i’ll describe in a bit, i went to this event without much in the way of expectation and what i ended up coming away with is, among other things, a clearer state of mind and a healthier perspective on a facet of my life that has been more damaged than i thought it was- my confidence.

This journal entry will most likely take on a whole new level of self-indulgence. That’s not my intention. My intention is to put some of my experiences into perspective not only for myself but also for others that might have given up their confidence or knows someone that’s given up their’s.

I will be adding to this entry as time goes on. It may even take me a few days to complete it. I STRONGLY suggest not taking in this entire entry in one sitting.

part one- What Confidence Used To Mean, What It Came To Mean

part two- You Were Born Alone, You Will Die Alone, Accidental Intimidation

part three- The Three Things That Forever Changed Me

part four- Peeling the Husk Away, Afterthoughts

The Fifteen Year Nap, Narrated