prologue to some announcements

Dear all,

As some of you know and many of you do not, there have been some violent changes in my life. I am taking advantage of this time to make some of my own, internal changes, too.

I’m going to make some announcements about another life that i’ve kept mostly secret for some time. This involves a philosophy that humans are intrinsically capable of love and expressing that love in ways that are more in line with human nature. It is a philosophy that rejects societal expectations and other false constructs… constructs that i believe were created and are maintained as a means to control women for the most part.

As i discuss these things, there are two key aspects i ask you to keep in mind.

These are my observations and beliefs only. I am not trying to “convert” or preach at anyone. I find evangelism to be morally and ethically repulsive.

I am not open to nor interested in hearing that my ideas are wrong, immoral or that i’m going to a mythological place called, “hell”. They are not and i am not.

More to come.