huffington post post

I have a continual problem with what gets posted on the comments section of the Huffington Post and what doesn’t. As is standard with the Huffington Post, when a comment is censored, no reason is given nor is there any notification as to why. There are times when comments may not appear for hours. Again, no reason is given for the delay.

Below is my response to this article.

“Ms. Ifill represents the most threatening woman possible for the neo-con mindset. She’s intelligent, successful, articulate and worst of all (in their mind), she inspires other women to be educated and self-deterministic. The War Against Women is a natural part of the fundamentalist/ neo-con mindset (I would argue the WAW is repulsive to the few Eisenhower Conservatives left). Ideologically, there is no greater threat to the fundamentalist mindset than educated women that are in control of their own lives.”

Note: this comment was eventually posted; it just took a while.