Has it really been nearly 2 years since i posted?

I knew it has been a while since i posted but two years? Goddamn.

I don’t have any great adventures, raves or crazy rants. I wake up, get some clean on me and go to work. On the weekends, i do yardwork, sleep on my couch while watching English Premiere League matches and try to remember all the things that I need to do on the weekends.

There HAS been one event of significance, however.

Late last summer, i drove home to see an envelope taped to my door. I immedately knew it was something bad. And it was. My landlords had decided they were going to sell the unit i had been living in. They gave me a 60 day notice as they thought the law required. It USED to require 60 days but that law changed on 1 Jan 2021 in that instead of requiring a 60 days notice, it now requires 90 days. I did not learn that until a few weeks later.

I had been wanting a home for some time- years in fact. It was an ache that was always there and i felt that i’d put much of my life on hold until i could afford a home. The problem with that was homes kept rising in price in my area and by a REDONKULOUS amount. As a single guy that makes something slightly north of 60k a year (my take home is MUCH lower), and living in one of the most expensive counties in Washington state, there was no way i could afford a home.

Long story made short, I was able to find a home in Blaine. I wasn’t even the highest bidder on it. Most tied what i was offering but at least one bid was made at $15,000 more than my offer. What made MY bid be accepted where others weren’t was that my real estate agent knew the agent selling this house and that agent knew my banker. In addition, i wrote a personal letter to the seller. Every word of it was sincere. From the moment i saw the thumbnail pic on the listing, i knew this was the house i wanted.

Of course it wasn’t that simple. The night my offer went in, i was sick with anxiety. No news was bad news. But the next day when my agent called, i’d resigned myself to knowing that i didn’t get this home and it was time to start looking again.

Here i am. I’m at the edge of the lower 48 on the west coast. It takes me about 12 minutes to drive to the interstate and once road skirts along the Puget Sound where White Rock, BC is very visible.

Work grinds me to dust on most days. It’s the nature of where i work, what’s asked of me and what resources i don’t have. But i work only 6.5 freedom miles away and when it’s done, i get to come to my very quiet home. There are bun buns that sometimes hang out in my yard. Sometimes i’ll tell one of them about my day. I know he’s listening- i mean, how could you NOT listen with ears like that? Anyhow, i know he’s listening but likes to pretend he’s not.