Nearly ten years later, the pause button

It’s been a few weeks since i wrote the first part of this entry. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing and done right before a week long trip to Texas; the first time i’d seen my friends and family in seven years. And no sooner did i get back then western Oregon and Washington had the worst air quality in the world- literally. This put my lungs under duress which meant that there was a high chance that bronchitis would set in.

And it did.

Typically when this happens, i run a fever and have body aches for a day and then the next day i’m mostly okay but start coughing up chunks for a few weeks to months. This is one of the two major reasons why i try to exercise on a semi regular basis- for lung and heart health.

But something odd happened this time; I quit smelling anything and my sense of taste was shot.

Long story made short, i’d contracted Covid. Sigh… fine. It was just a matter of time i guess.

I had to work from home for a week even though i was largely asymptomatic (the fever and body aches lasted about two and a half days) but losing my taste and smell was a miserable experience. Thankfully i’m one of those people that believes in science, medicine and when i don’t understand something, i go to someone that’s studied (among other things) molecular biology for several years and get their advice.

I’m back to normal for the most part. My energy level has been absolutely shot, though. I think i’ve exercised only three times in the last two weeks, i haven’t been inclined to paint at all and even gaming bores me. I managed to mow my back yard for the last time this year and my hatred of moles has grown exponentially. I used to have a humble, well manicured back yard. Now it looks like a re-enactment of the Battle of Verdun as interpreted by moles.

Dear moles. If you ever read this, you are all buttholes. Giant, gaping earth burrowing BUTTHOLES!

As to why i’m writing tonight. I need to get back into the habit of writing but i also needed to say that i know i didn’t finish my previous entry. In so many ways, i don’t even want to acknowledge this time of my life anymore but at the same time, not only did i promise a decade ago that i would tell the story but i want to send a very clear and unambiguous message to anyone that’s toying with the idea of being in a polyamorous relationship.

We endured what was perhaps the most miserable summer of the twenty or so years i’ve been through since i moved to the pacific northwest this year. While it’s common to have about 3 solid weeks of unbearable heat in August/ September, this year the unbearable heat started in July and the rains were a month late. As i type this, autumn has finally set in, we’re back on normal time, the ground is lush and green and the sky is usually a heavy grey canvas with rents of ultramarine and cobalt blue between the clouds.

I slept 9 hours last night; something i haven’t done in months if not years. I kind of want to see if i can do it again tonight ’cause like i said, since i’ve gotten over covid 19, my energy has just been absolutely shot.

Oh- before i forget, the next post can no longer be called ‘Nearly ten years later’. That particular anniversary passed a few weeks ago. I don’t even remember the date although i /think/ it was the 12th of October. It was remembered in passing and with a sigh of relief. If i were drinking these days, i’d have raised a toast to myself. Since I’m no longer drinking (at least until Thanksgiving but most likely, until the end of the year), you’ll have to drink for me.

OR you can just stop by the Dank of America and get a breakfast spliff. Yes, there really is a pot shop close to where i live called The Dank of America.