back to the sweatatorium

I am finally in a position to be able to go back to the gym. Yesterday was my first day back and it was a true moment of humility for me. At the peak of my working out prior to losing my job and subsequently having surgery on my left foot (bone deformation addressed with an Austin bunionectomy ), i was up to running 3 miles. It hurt, it sucked and i hated it but god knows i felt great once the misery wore off.

I have packed on every single pound i lost and added a few extra in the process. A nasty cocktail of a job loss, an emotionally violent breakup, very limited funds to buy food and all the self doubt and confidence breaking pain that ensued, were the backdrop. I have spent the last four months living on carbs, sodium and processed sugar (esp in milk chocolate).

Strangely enough, my bloodwork came back good. I have to keep an eye on my cholesterols but my blood sugar and other levels are good.

I have to wake up at 7am to be at the Red Cross for a platelet donation at 9. It’s 8pm right now and i think i’m going to forgo my usual evening of lethargy to go hurt for a bit and remind my heart who’s in charge. If i’m lucky, maybe i can come across a brand new flavor of fuckwit in the sauna. I’ll be sure to share if i do.