• I knew it has been a while since i posted but two years? Goddamn. I don’t have any great adventures, raves or crazy rants. I wake up, get some clean on me and go to work. On the weekends, i do yardwork, sleep on my couch while watching English Premiere League matches and try to… Read more

  • Two scoops of crazy!

    Early last month i had a fairly good match (percentage wise) with a woman on OK Cupid. We bounced a couple of mails back and forth then i gave her one of my gmail accounts. We had another couple of mails that way then decided to have a video chat. I’ve been on a lot… Read more

  • Goodbye DB

    I know it’s been a long time since i wrote. I’ve thought about it but there really hasn’t been much that was so remarkable that i thought it was worth sharing. There’s also the fact that i have this pile of shit from years ago that i promised i’d eventually post. For years it was… Read more

  • The Emerald Blanket

    Winter finally passed. It wasn’t nearly as dramatic as it was in the years past. This was a relatively warm one with little snow or ice and the rains seemed to taper off earlier than usual. As I write this, we had our first significant rains in a month or more. The junipers outside my… Read more

  • twenty years later.

    I’m not sure where this post is going to go. I suspect it’s one that i’ll come back to at some point and modify or perhaps eventually forget. I had a dream two nights ago. It involved perhaps the three most important girlfriends that i’ve had in my life- Betina, Michelle and Heather (now known… Read more

  • I’m back. Sort of.

    There was a time when i wanted to write nearly all the time. That changed when i began to be treated for my sleep apnea. For those that don’t know, i lost about 20 years of my life in a fugue state and by all rights, should have died in my sleep many times due… Read more

  • How trashy (and sad)

    I have a profile on OKCupid. It’s… well, it’s free and you get what you pay for. A few days ago I was playing around on it, using a feature I hadn’t used before. Of course, my ex shows up. There was the pic she used before we met, which had been taken years before… Read more

  • The theme i’ve used for years, Stargazer, was updated a few days ago. It appears that it forced a new appearance and one that, frankly, i’m not very happy with. In the coming days, as time allows, I’ll find another theme and change things but until then, synaesthetic is going to look kind of rough.… Read more

  • Sundays are still tough

    I have only a few minutes left in this day before i have to sleep. We’re deep in the rain season here in the PNW. It can be a time of absolute splendor; beauty beyond description. But it has its challenges. The sun begins to move toward the western horizon at an alarming rate by… Read more

  • As of a day or two ago (I don’t remember quite when it happened) marked the three year anniversary of my ex breaking up with me over the phone after four and a half years together. Her last words to me were, Shelly, I’m oh so smart and there are so many things that I… Read more