• i have remembered to forget

    Ideas and desires curl and nest inside of me. Some days and some better nights, i get to let them uncoil and rampage through the landscape of my life. There are so many things i want to say, want to write, want to paint, want to feel under my hands and taste in my mouth.… Read more

  • As i write this, Borders [BGP, currently delisted], is closing about 33% of their stores. During the last holiday season, their sales were dismal whereas Barnes and Noble posted healthy profits. This is so depressingly wrong. Let’s play that game that i like to play so much: compare and contrast. I don’t make much money.… Read more

  • It’s coming up on that time of year where i get to reflect on the changes my life has undergone since i began being treated for sleep apnea. In a few days, it will have been three years since i began sleeping with a bi-pap assisting my breathing at night. When a stroke patient [that… Read more

  • bathroom rant

    A few weeks ago i’m at work and need to use the toilet. It happens to the best of us. There’s one in a wing of the school that isn’t as trafficked as the others- so that’s where i go. Besides, it’s in the middle of class so what are the chances that anyone else… Read more

  • from my moleskine

    I came across my Moleskine today. I bought it years ago but never got as much use from it as i thought i would. It cost me $17 then- which was a lot of money to me at the time. Anyway, i found this passage in the first pages. It’s the 1st Saturday in May,… Read more

  • tonight’s listening

    Tonight’s Listening: Plastikman : Closer – This is my 1st go with it, so no opinion yet. I’ve enjoyed Richie Hawtin’s Closer to the Edit, so that bodes well. Of course, i’m suspecting that only Amanda and Joanna (two of my most musically literate friends) know what the hell i’m talking about. Read more

  • Apparently, it’s that time of year where guys reinforce their masculinity by watching guys in tight pants hold each other in a circle, jump and pile on each other, slap each others ass and jump in the air and thrust their nipples on each other in celebration when someone scores. Hello Sailor! It’s football season!… Read more

  • 3rd sleep study

    In a few minutes, i’ll be leaving to have my first post surgery sleep study. This should be interesting to say the least. Technically there’s no reason for me to still have obstructive apnea but apparently i have begun to convulse while sleeping. Not sure what that’s about. I really, REALLY hope i don’t have… Read more

  • i haven’t forgotten

    There are a lot of ideas in my noodle and to my shame, i haven’t had the discipline to let them out. But they’re there. They coil and thrash and scream at me to be set free. I will work on putting pen to paper [as it were] in the very near future. Preferably this… Read more

  • the common thread

    I have a friend in Austin that’s going through a divorce. We don’t get to talk often; i’m on the west coast and busy. She’s in Texas and probably busier. Her marriage wasn’t a terrible marriage in the way that those sorts of things go but it was fundamentally flawed. Ten years later and she’s… Read more