another beginning


All i wanted to do was move the journal to a different directory. It shouldn’t be hard but apparently it is. I ended up breaking the entire thing.

I wanted to spend more time trying to fix it and i had a pretty good idea of where the problem was. Unfortunately it required skills i don’t have [yet] like how to edit SQL tables through the admin tool.

So i decided to do what i’ve been putting off for a while anyway- i nuked the entire site and will sort of start from scratch. I intend to recycle a lot of content but use more modern ways to do so [there were pages upon pages of code that i’d written nearly 10 years ago that used things like FONT tags].

One thing i’m uncertain about is re-posting the stuff about this white wing nutter in Austin. I don’t know if he’s still around; hell, for all i know, he’s dead [although i suspect not]. Sadly, the content i’d written about him and his inability to be honest or honorable, continues to be a hotspot of In a way, it’s equally sad and impressive in that, this many years later, an unemployed, bitter, paranoid white guy is still craving attention and apparently getting it. Even the fact that i had all the postings about him under a directory appropriately called “defunct”, it didn’t stop his little conforming anti-intellectual sheeple from writing me now and then, outraged that i’d had the audacity to tell something trutful about their master.

So this is going to take some time. In fact, it’ll take years and it’ll probably never be completed. Maybe i’ll find some of those old-skool animated .gifs that reads, “Under Construction”.

Or not.

One response to “another beginning”

  1. Sorry to hear about your “directory” problems with this site. I was directed here (from WingTV) to read a “Jarhead” article. I was directed to the WingTV site looking for some “Alex Jones Debunked” info (from Google). I hope you have everything back up and running here soon. And I hope you have the courage to re-air your “stuff” on Mr. Jones. Actually, what I think is needed is for the entire “Anti-Alex” community to get together and open a website dedicated to de-bunking or exposing the “myth” of Alex Jones and the many “myths” he promulgates. You know, a website with an easy to remember name. As in : “ThrowAlexFromTheTrain”, “TheAlexJonesDeception”, “InfoWarts”, “TheGoodTheBadAndTheAlexJones”, “TheDaAlexCode”, AnalOraficeAlex. Oh, well….. Whatever your decision, Good Luck with it. Robin